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Why Every Hair Type Needs Hair Oil! By Hair Salon Bowral Call Us On 02 4861 1120

posted by Lissa Logan

Why Every Hair Type Needs Hair Oil! By Hair Salon Bowral Call Us On 02 4861 1120

It’s often said that oil and water don’t mix. Women often feel that way about oil and hair—they don’t mix. In fact, women abhor oil on their faces and their hair. They seem to go to any length to get rid of “grease”!

So why on earth do we offer an oil that’s made for the exclusive application to your hair?

It’s simple. It’s high time we ditch those erroneous beliefs about oil and hair.

All hair types—including oily—greatly benefit from the new generation of lighter, multi-tasking oils that do everything but your hair an oil field!

It stimulates and exfoliates dead skin cells clogging your scalp and causing—yes, causing, hair oiliness.

The best hair oils, like ours, are little miracle workers. The do the jobs of:

  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Styling cream
  • Frizz serum
  • Shine spray

All in one step.

For styling, work from the ends to mid-length. A little goes a long way. Drier hair may want to apply a bit more.

Once you find the balance your hair was asking for you’ll never want to be without all the body, bounce, and shine ever again!

To learn more about the benefits of hair oil, please ask us!

Why Every Hair Type Needs Hair Oil! – Call Us On 02 4861 1120

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