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Tips For Maintaining Your Perm

posted by Lissa Logan
Tips For Maintaining Your Perm

Tips For Maintaining Your Perm

Getting a perm can be great to liven up your hairstyle. But once you have that done, there are certain steps you need to do to make your hair look good and avoid getting it damaged.

1. Do not wash your hair during the first three days. The curl needs time to develop. This will allow the perm to last a couple months.

2. Avoid straightening it. Sometimes we want to change our looks, and the easiest way to do that is with hair. But using blow dryers and flat irons can turn your beautiful coils into frizz.

3. Avoid creamy formulas, which can weigh the curls down. Condition well with a conditioner that has protein and minerals.

4. Get regular trims. This helps keep your curls and prevent split ends.

5. Use appropriate hair care tools and products. The right products should maintain curls and deeply moisturize them.

6. Detangle gently and carefully when combing through your curls every morning. Scrunching your hair daily will also enhance your style and create soft sultry waves.

7. Air dry. Permed hair gradually loses its curls when exposed to heat so having it dry naturally prevents your hair from being ruined by your heat styling tools and it preserves your curls for much longer.

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