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This Shampoo Dries Out Your Hair. Are You Still Using It?

posted by Lissa Logan

Believe it or not, 95% of shampoos on the market cause the very problem most women want to avoid: dry, frizzy, dull, brittle, and hard to manage hair.

Extremely popular among shampoo and personal care manufacturers, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is cheap to produce and easy to market.

What woman doesn’t love a shampoo that lathers? It makes you feel like your hair is really clean. And it is, but it comes at a terrible price. SLS strips your hair of its moisture and of the protective protein layers that encapsulate it.

It also dehydrates the sebaceous glands and strips the scalp of its essential oils.
SLS causes damage to color treated and chemically straightened hair. It essentially strips your hair. Hair color fades more quickly, which means you have to color more often.

For chemically straightened hair, the results of the treatment don’t last near as long as with a sulfate-free shampoo. So, if your straight hair starts to kink look at your shampoo first.

SLS can also result in hair loss because it tends to damage hair follicles.

With all these scientifically backed reasons, it’s no wonder so many of our clients are turning to sulfate-free shampoos. No, they don’t lather like conventional shampoos, but that’s the interesting part.

Because they don’t lather, sulfate-free shampoos make your hair feel softer, shinier, and greatly reduces frizz.

You’ll never have to worry about damage to your hair, scalp, or health. Make the switch today!

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