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The Two Biggest Complaints We Hear About Colouring Grey Hair

posted by Lissa Logan
The Two Biggest Complaints We Hear About Colouring Grey Hair

The Two Biggest Complaints We Hear About Colouring Grey Hair

It’s bad enough that Mother Nature is causing us to grey earlier. Would you believe as early as our twenties?

But when grey doesn’t play fair, we hear these two biggest complaints:

• “My hair won’t take the colour very well”
• “My colour doesn’t last more than a few days”

For box colour, the shade you’ve always used suddenly doesn’t work any more, literally just a few days. For salon clients, the colourist and the client recognize that the salon colour isn’t holding as well from month to month.

So, what’s going on here?

First of all, grey hair is tricky to work with. It has many more layers of cuticle than pigmented hair. And, to add insult to injury, those cuticles are tightly packed.

Grey hair also lacks melanin and tends to be coarse. This makes it more difficult for dye to fully penetrate the shaft.

Not all grey hair is difficult. Resistant grey is the term we use to distinguish grey hair that is harder to colour.

Does that mean you have to give up colouring your hair? Heavens no! But you will have to give up that nasty box colour. No loss there. In fact, your hair will see a significant improvement with salon colour.

And for salon clients with resistant grey, your colourist has already switched formulas! For this hair texture, we use colour that pops open those tightly packed cuticle layers. The colour easily penetrates the cuticle layers.

This best part is you get healthier looking hair and a much younger look!

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