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The Right Styling Products For Short Hair

posted by Lissa Logan
The Right Styling Products For Short Hair

The Right Styling Products For Short Hair

Ah, short hair! It’s the ultimate freedom for women. Stylish, sexy, and chic, some of the most glamorous women in the world have embraced shorter locks. Celebrities like Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence have taken the plunge and loved it.

Just remember, that with a shorter do comes a different set of styling products. You want to use lighter products because short hair can look greasy very quickly.

With that in mind, here are our product picks for short hair:

• Lightweight serum- doesn’t contain oils or silicone. That’s good news because it won’t weigh your hair down, but rough ends smooth out beautifully!

• Texturizers—Short hair can look matronly, if you’re not careful. That’s why texturizers are an absolute must. It gives you a Michelle Williams look; never matronly. You can use it for a subtly messy look or go all out edgy. Your choice.

• Hairspray—If you’re using a lightweight serum and texturizer, hair spray isn’t a must. But on the days that you do want extra volume, you want a hairspray that will hold up against the elements.

That’s it! Easy peasy, just like short hair.

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