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How To Tame Colour Resistant Grey Hair

posted by Lissa Logan

We don’t really know why some grey hair is more resistant than other, but it really doesn’t matter. Our colourists are trained to tame this unruly hair texture.

Because grey hair lacks melanin, it can be tricky to colour. It’s a different texture from pigmented hair, tends to be coarser and have many more layers of cuticles than pigmented hair.

To complicate the matter, those cuticles are tightly packed.

We use professional colour specially designed to pop open those pesky cuticles so that the colour can deeply penetrate.

The result is beautifully soft, manageable hair with long lasting colour that reflects your unique style.

Professional colour also boosts your complexion and instantly freshens up your look. Not to mention, you take off at least 10 years!

Want hair that looks and feels beautiful? We can custom design a colour treatment to fit your lifestyle and budget.

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