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Can You Style Your Hair While Sleeping? By Hair Salon Bowral Call Us On 02 4861 1120

posted by Lissa Logan

Can You Style Your Hair While Sleeping? By Hair Salon Bowral Call Us On 02 4861 1120

Don’t you just hate waking up to bed head? Or having a bad hair day?

Here are 3 easy steps that can give you the silky, smooth hair you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Overnight Volume. After washing your hair before bed, apply a lightweight styling product with hold. Air dry your hair until it’s damp, braid small sections and secure. Sleep on it. Remove the braids when you wake up. Instead of a comb, just run your fingers through your hair and set with hairspray. Do not brush your hair after releasing your braids as this will cause frizz. For more subtle waves, create loose braids instead or twist sections of hair and secure them with pins.

2. Argan Oil. Comb an argan oil-based product through your dry or wet hair before bed and wrap your head in a silk scarf for an overnight hair treatment. This will prevent breakage while the oil strengthens your hair.

3. Set Hair Using a Loose Bun. We all love our blow dryer, but turning up the heat too often can lead to damage and even hair loss. To give your hair a break, towel dry your hair after shampooing so it’s slightly damp. Then style your hair in a high, loose bun. When you wake up in the morning, remove the band and run your fingers through the loose waves you have created.

Overnight styling can help you have that beautiful hair as soon as you wake up. Now there’s no need to get up extra early just to have time to set your hair.

Can You Style Your Hair While Sleeping? – Call Us On 02 4861 1120

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