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Blonde Colour Nightmare: “What Did They Do To My Hair?!”

posted by Lissa Logan
Blonde Colour Nightmare: “What Did They Do To My Hair?!”

Blonde Colour Nightmare: “What Did They Do To My Hair?!”

Joan was a brunette that had decided to go a certain shade of blonde. Referred by a friend, she came into our salon asking for help.

“What did they do to my hair?” she asked.

As soon as we examined it, we knew immediately what had happened.

The stylist did not know how to get the right amount of “lift,” or light colour to her hair, a toner was not properly used, and the correct shade of blonde that the client wanted was not selected.

We determined that in under a minute, but it took several hours to correct the colour mistake. In two more visits, Joan will have the colour she originally wanted. Needless to say, she was so grateful!

It was a tough lesson to learn, but an important one. When you’re investing time, money, and trust in a stylist, especially in a colour as tricky as blonde, it’s best to go to a hair colour specialist.

That’s what we do. Our specialty is creating beautiful blondes!

We put our considerable expertise to work. Our colour specialists study the base pigment of your hair to determine the best plan of action to get you the colour you want.

We’ll also recommend foiling your hair instead of bleaching it. Foiling gradually changes the colour of your hair one-half to one full shade lighter each time.

Usually, the colour you want is reached within two months with a minimum of three-colour applications.

You really want to move into the colour process slowly. It’s so much easier on your hair with foiling. Bleaching, on the other hand, is very drying and damaging. The end result is often an orange or gold tone, which isn’t what you want.

Protect your hair and your sanity! Here at Maree Hairdressing, we love blondes so much it’s our specialty.

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