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5 Written-In-Stone Rules For Heat Styling Your Hair

posted by Lissa Logan

Okay, so nobody rolls out of bed with perfect hair. Nobody. Still, you want to look like you have perfect hair, right?

That’s why you spend your fair share of time blow drying, brushing, spraying and styling to get that look.

So, can we please call a truce? You CAN have healthy, styled hair. Just follow these rules for heat styling:

• Don’t style with heat everyday. You can do this! We’ll show you how. For now, just know that heat rapidly dries out your hair. And if you color your locks or they are naturally drier, you’re going to have to trim your hair more often if you style with heat everyday.

• Choose the correct size of tool. The style you want dictates what size iron to buy. It also depends on how thick your hair is. Talk to your stylist about what you want your signature style to look like. She can advise you on the type and size of heating tool to buy.

• Keep the curling iron away from your bangs. Curling irons and bangs don’t go together. Curled bangs are an ‘80’s look. Just blow dry or flat iron them.

• Always use professional heat styling tools! Professional tools get hotter faster and stay hot. That means you don’t have to hold the hair around the barrel longer to get it to curl. Choose anything ceramic or tourmaline plated. These are much safer to use.

• Apply heat protection before styling. Before blowdrying, make sure you use a light oil. Just a little on the ends will go a long way in protecting them. When flat ironing or curling your hair, always use a thermal protecting spray. Make sure the ends get their fair share.

Talk to us about non-heat styling ‘do’s. We’d love to share!

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